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Watch the Full Movie: Orchard Revolution!

We’re thrilled to release Orchard Revolution!!! The full movie can be seen online by clicking here. DVDs of the film are available here on Amazon.com (We recommend watching the online version since it’s in high definition.  Enter the coupon code “Plant5Trees” and it’s free!) Here’s the movie trailer:

Orchard Revolution – Trailer from Matt Byron on Vimeo.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in supporting our local film!  We greatly appreciate your brilliant ideas, time, and generosity. The goal of our film is to encourage every American household to plant 5 fruit trees. Please help us spread that message by doing the following:

1. Take 2 minutes to rate the movie Vimeo.com or Amazon.com.
2. Please recommend the movie to 3 friends or host a screening at your house.
3. Most importantly, this spring, please dare 5 of your best friends to plant 25 fruit trees in their yard or local park!

Thank you for supporting our local film!


The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge

470 copyImagine if every street, yard, and park in America was lined with fruit or nut trees. Would those trees reduce America’s high rates of obesity and diabetes? Would those trees clean our air and reduce the amount of gasoline we burn to import fruit?

We think so. That’s why we produced the movie Orchard Revolution and launched the The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge. We’re calling upon American’s to build a national network of fruit and nut trees. By joining The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge, you promise to plant 5 fruit or nut trees in your yard, local park or on abandon land. We don’t care if you plant the trees from seeds (which are free!) or saplings. We don’t care where you buy them. We just care that you plant them! Just 1 hour of your time, will make a huge difference for the next 50 years!

If we’re serious about improving America’s health, then we need millions of Americans to join in this effort. Please join our challenge and invite your Facebook friends to join as well.