Filming Has Commenced!

Family with Diabetic SonOn April 27th Orchard Revolution kicked off in earnest. The first day of filming commenced with two parents sharing the story of their son’s challenge with diabetes. Then, with the help of their 4 kids they planted two golden delicious apple trees. They planted these trees to take a stand against diabetes and to encourage Americans to eat healthier food.

Alastair and Pat in Their Yard Full of Apple TreesSince then, the momentum has picked up!  Many other families have been planting trees. Just this past week Alastair Lough, Ph. D.  and Patricia Proulx-Lough, purchased 58 fruit trees! Now they’re uniting their neighborhood with an environmental transition movement. Orchard Revolution will follow their progress in the weeks ahead.

Over the past 30 days  the film crew has also been busy conducing interviews experts throughout New England. It’s been a non-stop whirlwind.

Closeup-LisaLisa Fernandes of the Resilience Hub gave us an update on the permaculture movement in Portland. Her organization takes a positive approach to permaculature. They help run and sponsor local resilience-building projects, offer services to support the community and help coordinate educational events.

John Wise, Sr. Ph.D. John Wise, Sr. Ph.D. of the University of Southern Maine, shared his insight into environmental toxins. He’s also made it clear that more people need to ask questions and get involved. Too many people assume that the environment is fine and not enough people are taking action.

Author and Orchardist Michael PhillipsAuthor Michael Phillips has written one of the most comprehensive books on holistic orchards (we love his book!!!). As he shared his time with us, we learned how to work in harmony with nature rather rather than using chemicals to destroy it. The Phillips interview was one of the most bucolic yet. We met with him on his orchard in the rolling hills of update New Hampshire. Sixty blossoming apple trees surrounded us on his historical farm.

C. Waite MaclinApple orchardist C. Waite Maclin shared his passion for planting tree too. He used to operate an apple orchard business and he still finds great joy in his trees.

The Orchard Revolution is spreading quickly! Please support our effort, by joining us on Facebook, planting five apple trees and encouraging your friends to plants trees too!