The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge

470 copyImagine if every street, yard, and park in America was lined with fruit or nut trees. Would those trees reduce America’s high rates of obesity and diabetes? Would those trees clean our air and reduce the amount of gasoline we burn to import fruit?

We think so. That’s why we produced the movie Orchard Revolution and launched the The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge. We’re calling upon American’s to build a national network of fruit and nut trees. By joining The 2014 Orchard Revolution 5 Tree Challenge, you promise to plant 5 fruit or nut trees in your yard, local park or on abandon land. We don’t care if you plant trees from seeds (which are free!) or saplings. We don’t care where you buy them. We just care that you plant them! Just 1 hour of your time, will make a huge difference for the next 50 years!

If we’re serious about improving America’s public health, then we need millions of Americans to join in this effort. Please join our challenge and invite your Facebook friends to join as well.

If you’re not convinced already, then consider the following:

  1. This year 300,000 Americans will die from obesity.  34% of  American adults and 17% of American children are obese. Annual medical spending attributed to obesity is $147 billion. If these people had access to free and healthy food we could reduce obesity.
  2. Roughly 11% of Americans have Type 2 Diabetes. If these people had access to free and healthy food we could reduce diabetes.
  3. Fresh fruit travels an average of 2,400 miles before reaching the typical American consumer. How much gasoline is burned to ship fruit that vast distance? If you had fruit in your backyard or local park, no gasoline would be burned.
  4. Fruit trees can help clean our air.
  5. Fruit trees can help feed the homeless for decades.
  6. If you grow fruit in your own yard, you can be certain it’s not covered in toxic fertilizers or pesticides.
  7. If the above reasons aren’t compelling enough, then do it for the money. A typical fruit tree costs less than $20. Most fruit trees will produce 50-100 pounds of fruit per year, within 5 years. If fruit costs about $1 per pound and your fruit tree produces 50 pounds of fruit for 20 years, then you’re getting $1,000 in fruit. What other investment costs $20 and will give you back over $1,000? This return on investment surpasses even the most profitable stocks!

Will you plant 5 trees for yourself? Or will you plant them for the next generation of  America’s children? Whatever your reason, we hope you join us and spread the word. Thank you.