In the process of producing this movie, we’ve come across a number of important website. We hope you find them equally useful:

Aarons Farm: when we filmed the movie, some people bought trees from this company. They’ve got low prices and a good selection of trees.

Advanced Tree Technology: a great source for superior black walnut trees

Advocates for Health in Acton: works to shape policy and environments that ensure affordable access to healthful foods and physical activity.

Arbor Foundation: A website where you can get fruits trees

Archi’s Acres

Bay Club Fitness: a fitness center in Portland, Maine, which has volunteered their facility for use in Orchard Revolution.

Baltimore Orchard Project: An organization growing giving away healthy food in Baltimore, MD a website dedicated to helping people learn how to grow bananas

Beacon Food Forest Permaculture Project Seattle 

Boston Free Radio

City Fruit: A Seattle-based organization dedicated to fruit trees and sharing fruitClimate Reality

Conservation Law Foundation: An organization actively protecting all parts of New England’s environment, including everything from oceans to river to mountains, from parks to forests, from big cities to small towns, from Maine to Rhode Island

Fedco: A Maine-based supplier of trees

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: An organization that plants fruit trees around the world

Greater Portland Sustainability Calendar

Grow Organic Apples: A holistic orchard network focusing on the sharing sustainable fruit growing techniques that emphasize orchard soil health which in turn makes for healthy trees and thus healthy apples and healthy people. a website with a wide selection of fruit trees for sale

Grow Sheffield 

Higher Ground Farm: A rooftop garden in Boston

Kitchen Gardener International: A Maine-based non-profit that empowers individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance through the promotion of kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems.

London Orchard Project

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Mind Your Own Business: the WLOB radio show which has supported Orchard Revolution

Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund

Neighborhood Fruit: Provides a directory of public and private fruit trees throughout the world

Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market: a plant nursery in Colorado which donated some trees for use in our film

Paradise Nursery: great supplier of fruit trees

Philadelphia Orchard Project

Power of Community: a film about Cuba surviving the oil crisis

Resilience Hub of Portland Maine the website of John Howe, who builds solar powered vehicles

The Wind Fallen: Our friends at Moulton Orchard in Standish, Maine, who have been very supportive of the Orchard Revolution

Transition Movement

Tower Gardens

How to plant an apple tree from seeds

Urban Farming Institute of Boston

UN Environment Program



Production Notes:

BeatPick: Royalty Free Music

Break Through Prize

Cuban oil crisis

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

Dango: Royalty Free Music

Dist Makers: DVD services

Musopen: Royalty Free Music

NYT Opinion on Trees

Ted Prize


Pond 5 Music

Royalty free stock vids

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