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Orchard Revolution is a feature-length documentary film that was produced in Portland, Maine, and released on March 17, 2014. The movie focused on obesity, diabetes, oil consumption and environmental pollution. The goal of the film is to inspire every American to plant 5 fruit trees. These trees would improve the health of Americans and the health of the environment.

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We want to thank everyone who was involved in supporting our local film! We greatly appreciate your brilliant ideas, time, and generosity. The goal of our film is to encourage every American household to plant 5 fruit trees. Please help us spread that message by doing the following:

1. Take 2 minutes to rate the movie on  YouTube.
2. Please recommend the movie to 3 friends or host a screening at your house.
3. Most importantly, this spring, please dare 5 of your best friends to plant 25 fruit trees in their yard or local park!



Matt ByronMatt Byron, Executive Producer, Writer & Director

Matt Byron is a 34-year-old writer and film-maker living in Portland, Maine. He is a graduate of Bentley College, marathon runner, experienced deep-sea sailor and former strategy consultant. He has written, directed, edited and produced hundreds of short films, and authored a motivational book . He has planted apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees. He has also planted raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and grapes.

For Byron, Orchard Revolution represents an opportunity to share his passion for healthy living, film-making and sustainable living. He is excited to spark widespread and positive change!

eddiebaldasaroheadshot2Eddie Baldasaro, Assistant Producer & Assistant Director

Despite obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of New England just a few years ago, Baldasaro has already gone a long way in establishing himself throughout New England’s TV/film scene. His name has scrolled through the credits of docu/reality television shows that have appeared all over the world. Examples of material include Travel Channel’s “Food Paradise”, NBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?”, Google’s “Search Stories”, Velocity Channel’s “Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans”, and History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”. Most recently he’s helped on multiple shows for one of the largest production companies in Los Angeles: Pilgrim Studios. Eddie has also worked as the video producer/director/editor for the nationally accredited non-profit organization Spurwink, which provides a broad range of mental health and educational services for children, adolescents, adults and families.

For Eddie, Orchard Revolution was a great chance to get out into his local community and help create a documentary that would have a positive impact on the world. The production might have been small, but the ideas and passion presented by those interviewed were large. They needed to be heard.”

Anna Williams, Production Assistant

Anna studied communications at the University of Southern Maine. After filming Orchard Revolution for several months, she enrolled in the Americorp NCCC. She was excited to contribute to the positive message of the film.

Jeff Dobbs, Arial Photography



Alastair Lough, Ph. D.

Ben Tettlebaum, Cornell Rhodes Fellow & Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation

Brenda Leavitt, Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund

Courtney Hennessey, Co-Founder Higher Ground Farm

Darryl Hendricks

Dave Jacke, Author of Edible Forest Gardens

Jessica Fairclough

John Pierce Wise Sr., Ph.D., Director, Maine Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health

Kristina Jones, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Director, Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

Lauren Chase-Rowell, Board Member, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire

Lisa Fernandes, Executive Director, The Resilience Hub

Maria Glad, MS RN, Glad Health, Bay Club Fitness

Michael A. Dedekian, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes

Michael Phillips, Author of The Holistic Orchard

Patricia Murray, D.O., Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine & Traditional Osteopathy

Roger Doiron, Founder of Kitchen Gardeners International

Tammelyn Frank, DTR,LDT, Foreside Fitness Falmouth

Verne Weisberg, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgery Center



Matt Byron: Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Narrator, Cinematographer & Film Editor
Eddie Baldasaro: Cinematographer & Assistant Director
Jeff Dobbs: Aerial Cinematographer
Anna Williams: Production Assistant

Aaron Parker
Alastair Lough, Ph.D.
Alexander Volfson
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Derek Pelletier
Dwight Smith
Eban Beltran
Eben Stickney
Elizabeth Mayberry
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Frances McCarthy
Heather Borkowski
Heather Foran
James Christy
Jane Dutton
Jennifer McLeod
Jesse McAvoy
Jessica Fairclough
Ji Hyang
Joanne Martin
Joey Hendricks
John Howe
John Pierce Wise Sr., Ph.D.
Jon Hogue
Josh Garcia
Kate McCarty
Kate Wallace
Katie Carey
Katie Goodall
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Neha Doshi
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Patricia Murray, D.O.
Patricia Proulx-Lough
Rachel Lyn Rumson
Randy Gilmore
Roger Doiron
Rosalie Sharp
Ross Demers
Ruben Weiss-Plane
Sarah Braik
Steve Fairclough
Steve Schran
Susan Cassidy
Tammelyn Frank, DTR LDT, Pn1
Ted Kaynor
Terri Eddy
Terry Guerette
Thomas Kane
Toby Hollander
Tracy Moore
Tyler Kidder
Tyler Plante
Verne Weisberg, MD, FACS
Will Newman
Will Urmston
William Hiers
Zachary Hoffman
Zanayah Moore

Aaron Bickford
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Bay Club Fitness
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Conservation Law Foundation
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David Byron
Dalton’s Pasture
Debi Davis
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Foreside Fitness & Tennis
Holly Hendricks
Higher Ground Farm
Jeff Tarling
John Bunker
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Justin Byron
Kari Metcalf
Katie Byron
Kaycee Hendricks
Katye Allen
Kendra Bailey
Kevin Casey
Kitchen Gardeners International
Lauren Byron
Maine Medical Center
Michael Byron
Mind Your Own Business Radio
Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund
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Mo Scanlon
Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market
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Plastic Surgery Center
Randall Orchards
Rob Hopkins
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